valentine's recipes

Valentine's Day Pasta Recipes to Try!

Seriously the BEST way to enjoy Valentine's Day at Home! Choose a delicious Valentine's pasta recipe, curl up on the couch with your people, and enjoy the love.

Let’s get started!

one pot chicken parmesan pasta


chicken bites, savory red sauce, tons of cheese all baked together in one pot.

pink pasta sauce with pine nuts and spinach


the name tells you everything! simple, vegetarian, and creamy deliciousness.

creamy lobster pasta


think: lobster alfredo with a simple white wine garlic sauce. INCREDIBLE.

creamy mushroom pasta


so simple and hearty, use any mushrooms you like.

pasta primavera


use any fresh green veg you like, this one can easily be made vegan too!

classic meat sauce


a classic for a reason, this is the BEST meat sauce there is.

Enjoy! This is such a fun way to spend Valentine's Day and treat yourself at home.