homemade hibachi

easy hibachi vegetables


The best side dish veggies at home! This version of homemade hibachi uses onions and zucchini, but the method can be used with any veggies you love from a Japanese steakhouse.

start by chopping the veggies into bite-sized pieces.

note that you'll need about 1 cup chopped veggies per person.

5 Fast Steps for Hibachi Vegetables

01 prep the veggies

02 preheat the pan

03 sear the veggies

04 add seasonings

05 serve with your favorite dinner!

Flour Bowl


sauteed zucchini and onions are classic for hibachi, but use any veggies you love!


keeping the pan super hot is key to tender-crisp veggies with great browning.


let the veggies sear undisturbed for about 2 minutes per side to allow the veggies to brown.

season + taste

salt, pepper, and soy sauce are all you need for tons of flavor - good sprinkles of each!


these veggies are delicious with hibachi chicken, shrimp, or steak.

hibachi steak bowls

absolutely perfect and takes under 30 minutes for this entire dish!

Enjoy! This is the PERFECT veggie side dish for just about any weeknight dinner. You'll love these!