Connecticut Lobster Rolls

warm, buttery lobster rolls with no mayo, a little lemon, and TONS of flavor. Easy homemade lobster rolls in 30 minutes or less, perfect for summer!

make warm lobster rolls with butter

how to:

 boil and chop lobster 


portion 1 large or 1.5 medium lobster tails per serving for generous lobster rolls. boil for just 5 minutes, then remove from the shell and chop

finish cooking in butter


saute the lobster in butter and lemon juice just until warmed through while you toast brioche buns (just use fancy hot dog buns, no worries!)

tuck lobster into rolls

drizzle with lemon butter pan juices because you know what's up in this world.


get. after. it.

serve immediately so the buns don't get soggy! for meal prep/to make in advance, keep the lobster mixture and buns separate until you're ready to serve.