delicious, easy one pot chicken parmesan pasta that is done in under an hour! healthy chicken parm with no breading, no fuss, just delicious, easy weeknight pasta.


chicken pasta marinara mozzarella parmesan salt

recipe instructions:

sear the chicken on both sides with a sprinkle of salt. add uncooked pasta, salt, marinara, and water to the pot. stir very well, then cover the pot and let simmer, stirring every 5 minutes or so. after 15 minutes, add the mozzarella cubes and broil until bubbly and brown. YUM.

pro tips:

stir a few times to prevent sticking on the bottom. you can skip the oven if you want, just stir the mozzarella in right at the end until it's melty!

AMAZING WITH:. ~garlic bread ~salad ~roasted broccoli ~alone for the feelings of joy and comfort ENJOY!