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Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Try!


Have a fun and easy Cinco de Mayo celebration at home with these delicious Mexican recipes! There's something for everyone - make one, make them all!

Let’s get started!

ground beef


so simple, so delicious, goes in tacos, burritos, or on nachos!

peach salsa


vegan AND gluten free, this fresh, easy dip is made in the food processor and works with fresh or canned peaches.

red rice


tomato rice with tons of seasoning that goes with just about everything. use it as a base for DIY burrito bowls!

slow cooker shredded beef


the best shredded beef EVER! use it in tacos or over burrito bowls.

fish tacos


blackened fish, greek yogurt slaw, YUM.

jalapeno ranch


just like Chuy's Creamy Ranch but WAYYYY better, this is done in the blender in 5 minutes!

Try even more Mexican favorites at the link below!