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delicious, easy dry brine for turkey

Seriously the BEST way to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey! Throw it in the smoker with a delicious dry rub, and let her rip!

Let’s get started!

this dry brine mixture works on smoked OR roasted turkey.

6 Easy Steps for Smoked Turkey Breast

01 mix dry rub ingredients

02 let the turkey rest in the fridge overnight

03 smoke the turkey for about 4 hours

04 let it rest!

05 turkey carving time.

06 serve with your favorite side dishes.

Flour Bowl

dry rub for turkey


salt, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder. that's it!

overnight in the fridge


rub the turkey with the spices, and let it rest UNCOVERED in the fridge overnight. This helps with a crispy skin!

smoke the turkey


plan for about 20 minutes per pound of smoking time, checking the internal temperature often.

let it rest!


let the turkey rest at least 20 minutes before slicing to keep it from drying out.

slice the turkey


slicing the breast crosswise ensures even skin distribution - the crispy skin is the best part!

time to eat!


no matter how you cook your turkey, this dry brine is SO good!

Enjoy! This is such a fun variation on Thanksgiving turkey that everyone will love. The method works on a whole turkey or turkey breast.