dry brine prime rib (boneless!)

totally foolproof method for making ribeye roast (prime rib!). this is a REVERSE SEAR method, meaning a few hours at a very low oven temp followed by a blast of high heat for a perfectly crispy crust and medium-rare prime rib.

recipe instructions:

let the prime rib rest overnight coated in salt (the dry brine!). roast for 2-3 hours at 250F. rest the meat. blast at 550F for 15 minutes to crisp up the outer crust.

variations and tips:

if you have the bones removed by a butcher, roast them next to the boneless roast in the exact same way. they're delicious! add other spices that you like to the dry brine mixture.

AMAZING FOR:. ~sandwiches ~dinner ~brunch ~holiday meals enjoy!!