5 casseroles for Thanksgiving

make the most delicious, easy casseroles for thanksgiving!

how to:

if making multiple casseroles at once, figure out if any steps take a long time (like caramelizing onions in the next slide), and start with THAT while you measure, chop, and prep other ingredients! cream of xxx soups can almost always be subbed for other flavors. cream of chicken, celery, and mushroom all have delicious but similar flavors! reheating or finishing casseroles: TEMPERATURES are very forgiving. Almost all casseroles can be done at 325F-375F, so don't worry if your casseroles call for slightly different temps.

tips and tricks:

southern onion casserole


with Ritz cracker topping!

pimento cheese squash casserole


pimento cheese and squash casserole in one!

healthy sweet potatoes


in the microwave to save oven space!

asparagus casserole


uses fresh asparagus, but frozen and canned work as well!

baked mashed potatoes


delicious to make in advance and heat up at the last minute!

happy thanksgiving!!